Shop Looks: AK x Carhartt

Posted on: February 18, 2012

Another brand debuting this season is Adam Kimmel x Carhartt. Kimmel successfully blends his formal aesthetic with the signature work wear style and construction of Carhartt. Austin looks ready to crunch some numbers in the chino, shirt and blazer combination. His Headporter Enfield Brief Case carries all the daily essentials for the professional on the go.

Austin is wearing:
+ Adam Kimmel x Carhartt 2 Button Blazer
+ Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Hay Shirt Black
+ Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Work Pant
+ Headporter Enfield Brief Case
+ Diemme Loria Crust Offwhite
+ SOPHNET. Binchotan Glasses (Coming soon)

Austin is reading: GRIND Magazine Vol. 20 2012


Shop Looks: Nanamica and Junya

Posted on: February 16, 2012

Two new brands have been introduced this season in nanamica and Junya Watanabe Man. We thought who better to model for them then our new employee Tim! We took pieces from both brands to create a tonal and classic outfit. The Wax Cotton Anorak is a versatile jacket that is both wind and water resistant and has lots of pockets for added utility. A great piece for spring. Underneath we add some color with the nanamica Wind shirt paired with a pair of chinos to  complete the summer look.

Tim is wearing:
+ Junya Watanabe Waxed Cotton Work Cap
+ Junya Watanabe Waxed Cotton Anorak
+ nanamica Wind B/D Shirt Sax
+ nanamica Wind Pants


Coming Soon: Undercover SS12 “Open Strings”

Posted on: February 8, 2012

Stay tuned for release dates and info. www.havenshop.ca


Product Highlight: Stone Island Ventile® Ghost Piece

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One of the marquee pieces in this season’s Stone Island collection that must be highlighted is the Ventile® Ghost Piece. Ventile® is a UK developed high-performance 100% cotton fabric that is all weather proof. It is an entirely natural product that offers a unique level of comfort, look and feel as well as being windproof, highly breathable, very durable and quiet. All this without being coated or laminated.

Dice is wearing the following:

+ Stone Island Ventile® Ghost Piece
+ Stone Island Padded Flannel Shirt
+ Deluxe “Burglar” Beanie
+ HeadPorter Enfield Brief Case
+ WTaps Logo Crewneck Navy
+ WTaps Blues Skinny Trash
+ NexusVII x Timberland Mil-5H Gore-Tex® Boots Navy


Post New: Interview with Kazuki Kuraishi of CASH CA

Posted on: February 4, 2012

Kazuki Kuraishi is one of streetwears most prolific and influential designers. He has designed pieces for iconic brands A Bathing Ape, LUKER by Neighborhood, fragment design and was the head of the adidas ObyO KZK collection. Kazuki’s newest venture is with UK label CASH CA which debuts at HAVEN this season. Kazuki sits down with Post New’s James Oliver and talks about some of his background, influences, approach to design as well as his future aspirations with CASH CA:

“James Oliver: Can you tell us a bit about your background, where have you worked and how you fell into working at CASH CA?

Kazuki Kuraishi: I studied graphic design in New York and it was really the place, everything was happening at the time. When I was 23 people like Tetsu Nishiyama from WTAPS, Sk8thing, NIGO were all beginning to make moves. When A Bathing Ape was first beginning, NIGO asked me to do the graphic design for him and while I was at A Bathing Ape I started designing clothing as well.

After studying in New York, I had planned to go and work for NEIGHBORHOOD with my cousin Shinsuke Takizawa but he actually recommended that I should start out somewhere else, without the family connection so I could be more independent. Now looking back, I really appreciate that advice because if I had started to work for NEIGHBORHOOD I think I would have ended up working there all my life, and not had the opportunity to explore working with other brands and people.

When I was working at BAPE, we worked with adidas UK and the team there have had a lot of influence on me. We worked together on an adidas Superstar, something I worked on very closely with Gary Aspden at adidas UK. It was a good experience for me because the term ‘collaboration’ was not used so much in 2002, and working in that context was very rare so the concept and design was very fresh at the time. After working with adidas on the Superstar, A Bathing Ape moved into direction of hip-hop and started working with Pharrell Williams. Nothing against hip-hop but I felt it was a good time to move on. And it happened so that the adidas headquarter offered me a position as a creative product manager, this all happened in 2004.

Shortly after when I left BAPE, I met Hiroshi Fujiwara and he asked me if I wanted to work together at his office, fragment design. Hiroshi influenced me to be involved in various projects, and not to be exclusive to one project or a brand. This is a method I picked up from Hiroshi because it’s a good way to have variation with my work….”

Check out the full article HERE


White Mountaineering – Spring 2012 – Dune Rover

Posted on: January 31, 2012

We’re starting to roll out all the Spring previews.  One of the most anticipated deliveries is the latest White Mountaineering collection entitled ‘Dune Rover’.  The collection is highlighted by warm earth tones, western influences, and as always highly technical fabrication.  Here’s a look at their outstanding runway show held in Tokyo last October, it’s amazing!

Link via Highsnobiety


Uniform Experiment 2012 S/S

Posted on: January 30, 2012

Here is a teaser of Uniform Experiment’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Following the many previews and trailers that appeared earlier this season; this much anticipated offering from Japan’s “dream Team” of clothing Hiroshi Fujiwara and Hirofumi Kiyonaga is one to look out for this Summer.

via Uniform Experiment



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Glimpses of Hirofumi Kiyonaga’s coming release have made their rounds through the internet. The Spring Summer collection is something people are watching out for with nail-biting anticipation.

via SOPH.


Shop Looks: New Arrivals from WTaps

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We recently received an incredible delivery from Tokyo-based WTaps that must be highlighted. We threw together this shop looks to show off some of the best pieces and how they can be layered and combined to achieve a casual and easy-to-wear daily look. Here Austin is layering the Union L/S Shirt over the Thermo Shirt. For the outer we’ve chosen the Crossbones M-65 Jacket which is a classic signature WTaps piece. The wild leopard print isn’t shown until he reaches in for his WTaps Money Clip.

Austin is wearing:

+ WTAPS Blues Skinny Trash
+ WTAPS Thermo Shirt Off White
+ WTAPS Union L/S Shirt
+ WTAPS Crossbones M-65 Jacket
+ WTAPS Suede Sneaker Red
+ WTAPS B-15A Jacket
+ WTAPS Money Clip Black

He then swaps out the Union L/S Shirt for the DFA (Death From Above) Tee and the B-15A Bomber Jacket. To demonstrate it’s versatility, it is shown with and without the removable boa.


Fall/Winter 12.13 teasers

Posted on: January 27, 2012

Here’s some teaser photo’s from our recent buying trips.

It’s Maiden’s 7th year anniversary coming up, they got a gang of collabs and special projects in the works.  Here’s one of them, Maiden Noir x NEXUSVII

Nin designs Maiden and a bunch of other stuff too.

Reigning Champ x Converse 1st String!!!

Nigel Cabourn for Eddie Bauer collection is so good! Made in Canada too!

Mark Mcnairy continues to kill it.  We got some exclusive stuff in the pipeline. Here’s one of his inline models that looks awesome with the royal blue combat sole.

McNasty himself!

They are doing a reflective knit sweater as part of Stone Islands 30th Anniversary. Next level!

Meet Alex, he’s the owner/designer and brains behind LEXDRAY . Functional bags for the modern man.

With the amount that I travel I’m definitely getting this new travel bag that is coming next season, perfect for the hotel!

More teasers soon…

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